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Ready- to - go solution:
Is your business thinking of using an enterprise software to automate your business needs by getting rid of traditional manual systems? Do you have a problem in choosing enterprise software just because you wonder whether it would be flexible enough to meet your growing business needs and technological advancements? Are you spending too much in consolidating and tracking data on a daily basis to prepare your monthly quarterly, yearly reports? Here is Kompte all in a box for you! It provides a readymade solution and easily configurable to suit your business processes. Read more about solutions offered by Kompete.
  User – friendly:
Enterprise software would turn out to be frustrating and complicated to use with multiple functions and procedures. Get your work done using Kompete software, without much technical assistance and make your day easy going. It helps you define complicated workflows in the simplest way which helps users at all levels to understand and use them easily. Why spend on expensive enterprise software packages with complexities and rigidity, when Kompete offers you an integrated, end to end solution to meet your HR and corporate objectives.
  Quick Implementation:
Implementing Kompete would take very few days after signing up. You don’t need to invest additionally on any hardware or software but just get started easily and quickly with just your computer for a low cost. Especially SMBs can now benefit from latest enterprise technology trends using web like SaaS, which might otherwise be expensive for them to install and maintain. Do you now realize how quick and easy it is to use Kompete through SaaS? You just don’t have to do anything, but to get in touch with us and our team will analyze your technology needs and recommend the best fit solution for you!
  Reports and Tracking data:
Real time, customizable reporting solutions with alerts and reminders indicates a software’ ability to be agile. Kompete solutions can also be used as tracking tools which can be easily formatted during implementation or at a later stage based on your needs. By this, you can evaluate different processes and their efficiency to lower your decision - making time and effort.
  Technical assistance:
Our dedicated support team will be able to provide you all the assistance so that you get all what you want by understanding your business culture and structure. We organize interactive demo sessions for you to explore in detail about Kompete and provide world class implementation and post-implementation support. Find out how>>

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