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Employee Management

Employee Management (EM) is the central core of the system that stores complete
employee data.
  • It maintains the employee or consultants details of the entire company.
  • The employees can be aligned to company hierarchy viz. Group Level »» Company Level »» Division Level »» Department Level
  • It maintains the complete employee demographics, salary details, reporting details, experience, skills, personal information, passport & visa details , employee status change / promotion information etc
  • Provides for the Leave Management, Benefits, Payroll and Compensation
  • Provides option for uploading & communicating policies like HR polices, travel policies, administrative policies.

EM offers advanced features for employee administration thereby streamlining Business process at the grass root level of an organization. The collation of relevant data increases accuracy and monitors data integrity that leads to better labor demand planning and enhanced productivity.

Key Features of EM includes :
Features HR Benefit Employee Benefit
Employee Master
Captures all employee details and enables easy updating and maintenance of employee profiles using a centralized system.
Reduced paperwork. Changes and enrollments completed in less time.
Employee alignment Enables HR personnel to map all employees in accordance with company hierarchy Pre- populates initial data downloaded with new alignments. Repeat entry of employee information not required.
Leave Management Enables HR personnel to allocate leaves to employees as per company policy related to geography, department, entitlements or roles
Enables employees to submit their leave requests for approval.
Policy Management Allows the HR personnel to maintain the company policies, deploy absence and termination policies Allows Employees to view the policies

Salary and Benefits Administration

Manage total compensation, control budgets by department, position and role Employees can view their salary structure and benefits provided .
Organizational Advantage
High Level of control
Apply intelligence
with EM
Key Processes Streamlined & Automated
Manage and Administer Global Talent
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