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Customer Relationship Management

HR solution provided by Kompete makes the customer management easy and flexible. Organizations which have multiple business needs across the globe can be addressed using configurable Customer Relationship Management solution of Kompete ERM suite. Kompete extremely brings down the work load of IT personnels and makes them more comfortable towards their management. . Business intelligence developed using Kompete solutions will assist organizations to keep track of customer using customer communications.

Customer Relationship Management system offers:

  • Easy usage and set up of management requirements.
  • Configurable customer documents, contacts and email notifications as per business operations.
  • Highly secured and specific user profile access to view and to modify customer details.
  • Monitors activity with every individual customer.


  • Allows creating customer details.
  • Updating modified Customer details and primary contacts.
  • Workflow set-up and activation on the basis of event, time and exception.
  • Customer related documents can be uploaded to the system
  • Job requirement specification for a particular customer can be managed in the system.
  • Define and set up customer types, payment types, document types, contact types and customer industry for customers.
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