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Self ?service, Web-based solution
Help desk to manage and approve requests
Resource optimization and Business effectiveness
Eliminates ambiguity in workflows
Ensure stakeholder satisfaction
Easy to implement - Optimize Performance
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Request Management

Organizations are finding it difficult to mange business requests and customer services which involve lot of resources, time and cost. There is a need for a comprehensive approach to be followed through an effective, automated, demand management or workflow engine to manage and control requests across the organization.
A suitable request management solution to streamline process management cycle will reduce costs and improve visibility, resulting in resource optimization and ensure a better ROI.

Kompete - Request Management system offers:

  • Easy to use, Remote-accessible , Self service, web ? based solution for successful workflow management
  • Aligns organizational wants/needs across subsidiaries, divisions, locations, etc
  • Helps organizations to define, streamline business processes and automate workflows.
  • Optimization of resources and process improvement promotes business effectiveness by adding business value.
  • Replaces manual requests, manual approvals and maintenance processes like telephone and email follow ups to automating the process providing timely status reports on the open case.
  • Acts like a help-desk in managing various kinds of customer service requests, orders, complaints, service management tickets, change requests, enhancement requests and more.
  • Clear SLA definition, smart routing, escalation and delivery in a configurable workflow environment reduces cycle/resolution time and create transparency.
  • Secured, predefined authorizations at all workflow and category levels
  • Allows users to create and define own request types and assign criticality to each.
  • Dashboard provides information to the users about current status of the requests.
  • Helps in monitoring the efficiency of business processes and makes it hassle ? free by analyzing the response/lead time
  • Eliminates ambiguity and redundancy thus contributing to the enhancement of ROI or gains through workflow efficiency.
  • Record and maintain database of all requests for future reference and aids decision making.
  • Supported with reminder emails and configurable reports as per the policies of an organization.

Advantages End users:

  • Self-service functionality allows users like customers, employees, suppliers, vendors to create and submit their requests online for various categories depending on the type of requests
  • Real time updates on the status of requests provides an intuitive, transparent approach thus making it user ? friendly
  • Increases employee/customer satisfaction; thus strengthens interpersonal relationships and adds value to business in large.
  • Requests can be easily defined and does not require programming skills or support of IT personnel.
  • Reduces cycle time through automated escalation avoiding confusion among users

Advantages Process Leads and Managers:

  • Provides real time visibility into projects/requests and modify workflows as per departmental needs.
  • Allows managers to define workflows which can be easily configured depending on the organizational structure.
  • Allows process leads to assign, manage, prioritize and control requests to improve service delivery
  • Ensures SLA compliance as per the standards
  • Reduces email shuttling between user, manager and process leads and incoming call volume from users is drastically minimized.
  • Identify bottlenecks in workflow processes and ensure smooth flow of operations
  • Managers/Process leads can review from a centralized system and take actions to modify or ease process workflow to improve quality and productivity.
  • Improves enterprise level relationships by strengthening networks between independent teams and within the team.
  • Reports generated will help measuring performance of different departments and eliminates management oversight.

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