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SaaS or Installed model

Modern business trends looks at using software services which gives them the best comfort in least time with maximum productivity. The dynamic demands and needs should not be a pit stop and delay your business acceleration. The software playing a vital role in any system should be flexible and affordable at any point of time to cope with Industry leaders. So, keep yourselves ahead of all competition and rejuvenate your business through Kompete.

You can use Kompete through either SaaS – based or Onsite installation models to suit customer’s needs and expectations.

So, decide what’s best for you - Online or Onsite...

Grow with SaaS way

The next generation On demand SaaS technology offers a number of unique advantages. Use Kompete through Internet and experience the change.

  Cost Advantage:
It eliminates hardware/software maintenance or any fixed cost. Thus, it drastically cuts down your potential software purchase expenses. This would particularly provide space for the SMBs to avoid upfront heavy costs.
  Plug and play:
You get what you need in the easiest way to start working immediately which saves a lot of time and money. Hence it is too quick and easy to set up!
  Pay for what you use:
Our pricing model is flexible enough to purchase any number of licenses with up gradation facilities.
It eliminates all complexity and can be used whenever needed on subscription basis.
  Better control:
You can benefit by through easy access of latest versions and features added to keep your business updated of latest technology and automation. This gives better control of your software.

Installed model

Although the benefits of SaaS are numerous, it may not be the right way to follow for all organizations. You may need a delivery model to meet your predefined security policies and data management methodologies. This will make you think that on-premise installation as the best way. This ensures the highest level security for your enterprise data communications. Hence, onsite installation is not an issue anymore for you. You can buy and use it as you wish!

Why Kompete?

» Strategic Benefits
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