An All-in-One Application Manages all Manufacturing Processes for Your Business ERP and eCommerce solutions from Oracle NetSuite support manufacturers’ global network of stakeholders while providing visibility into their operations anywhere, anytime.
Oracle NetSuite offers best-in-class ERP and eCommerce solutions to manufacturers looking for complete business and analytics solutions. Oracle NetSuite’s comprehensive functionality, including CRM and eCommerce, enables manufacturers to reduce costs and resources while achieving business growth. Oracle NetSuite provides manufacturers everything they need to seamlessly run a modern business.


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Why Oracle NetSuite

The cloud-based ERP/financials and omnichannel commerce software suite from Oracle NetSuite helps global manufacturing companies streamline and manage their entire business processes securely on the cloud. Oracle NetSuite is ideal for organizations in the process manufacturing market, offering a complete solution that includes production planning, supply chain management, inventory management, warehouse management, customer relationship management, financial accounting, and much more.

Efficiently manage your entire manufacturing business process cycle with a single SaaS suite delivered over the internet using Oracle NetSuite. Grow your business and scale to new heights with Oracle NetSuite’s robust features and tailored solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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Key questions that were answered

Q1. Does NetSuite support the manufacturing industry?
A1. The manufacturing management software from Oracle NetSuite supports several crucial processes in the manufacturing industry regardless of the location. It provides supply chain management and multisite, multidivisional solutions.

Q2. What is the need for Oracle NetSuite in manufacturing businesses?
A2. Oracle NetSuite helps manufacturing companies automate their business processes while providing comprehensive visibility into the operations, production, supply chain, inventory, and market demand—all from a single system with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Q3. Does Oracle NetSuite have a separate manufacturing module?
A3. The manufacturing edition of Oracle NetSuite includes modules such as materials requirement planning, demand planning, inventory control, cost control, shop floor control, lot and serial control, and project control plus supply chain management features.

Q4. What are the benefits of using Oracle NetSuite in the manufacturing business?
A4. Oracle NetSuite expedites the financial close process while bringing down the costs related to resources and IT support. It offers agility, visibility, and flexibility. Manufacturing businesses can improve their productivity and service, and they can meet compliance needs.

Q5. What is an ERP system in manufacturing?
A5. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business process management software that helps a company to manage and integrate its operations, financials, commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, and reporting activities, in addition to managing human resources.

Q6. Why is ERP crucial for manufacturing?
A6. By implementing a robust ERP system, manufacturing businesses can achieve enhanced supply chain, distribution, inventory, and warehouse management. Automation of critical processes helps to optimize operations, enabling better management.

Q7. How does ERP integration help the manufacturing industry?
A7. ERP integration helps reduce production time. It also streamlines the quoting and engineering processes, reducing lead times. Production schedule can be based on real stats, eliminating the need for guesswork.

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