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As organizations emerge and continue to grow, they require the tools to keep pace with their goals and automating key tasks becomes a necessity. NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) allows businesses to automate most trivial tasks and focus on pressing matters such as better servicing their customer and generating more sales. NetSuite CRM is unique in the market, part of a unified suite of solutions that includes accounting, business processes, even commerce. This allows organizations to centralize all of their important business data without the need for complex or costly integrations, proving access to the right data at the right time.

Why Oracle NetSuite

One Single Platform for all your business needs

Quick and easy deployment

Industry specific capabilities

Industry specific capabilities

360 degree visibility

360 degree visibility

Trusted and secure

Built to scale

NetSuite CRM Features:

NetSuite CRM’s Industry-Specific Capabilities

At Kompete, we can help you tailor your NetSuite CRM solution to meet the needs of any of the following industries:

NetSuite CRM Solution

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At Kompete Business Solutions, we have 16+ years of experience helping our clients meet the requirements of their business by leveraging intelligent solutions. As a NetSuite Partner, we offer the following NetSuite services:

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