A complete, unified platform for your eCommerce needs

Markets are constantly changing and with them businesses need to constantly adapt to the times. Many companies look to e-Commerce to create new revenue streams and grow their business, but successful requires the right platform, one that is cloud-based, fully integrated with their accounting software, and doesn’t require costly maintenance. Oracle’s NetSuite provides an easy-to-deploy, cost effective, powerful, and integrated eCommerce, unified with their ERP and CRM offering, providing seamless integration for every business needs including B2C and B2B companies.

Why Oracle NetSuite?

One Single Platform for all your business needs

Quick and easy deployment

Industry specific capabilities

Industry specific capabilities

360 degree visibility

360 degree visibility

Trusted and secure

Built to scale

SuiteCommerce Features:

NetSuite SuiteCommerce’s Industry-Specific Capabilities

At Kompete, we can help you tailor your NetSuite SuiteCommerce solution to meet the needs of any of the following industries:

How can we help?

At Kompete Business Solutions, we have 16+ years of experience helping our clients meet the requirements of their business by leveraging intelligent solutions. As a NetSuite Partner, we offer the following NetSuite services:

NetSuite Consultation

NetSuite Implementation & Customization

NetSuite Support

NetSuite Training

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