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Today’s CIO’s must think of ways to best leverage emerging technologies and business models in order to improve business performance and stay competitive in the Market. When considering technologies CIO’s look for a balance between speed and security, a flexible and dynamic infrastructure for global operations and a value add beyond technology.
Benefits NetSuite offers CIO’s
NetSuite for the CIO
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CFOs of fast-growing companies actively seek opportunities to expand the business; they don’t just manage financials. Beyond their core financial responsibilities, they also play a more prominent role in corporate portfolio management and capital allocation. This is where NetSuite helps. NetSuite enables you to manage your core business processes with a single, fully integrated system while saving costs, driving productivity and managing compliance.
NetSuite for the CFO
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Benefits NetSuite offers CFO’s

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager needs to forecast, plan and set sales targets. In order to get their sales team to meet and exceed these sales targets they need access to real-time sales information. This is where NetSuite CRM helps.
Benefits NetSuite offers Sales Manager’s
NetSuite for the Sales Manager
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Operations Manager

Operations Managers need to meet complex regulatory and compliance requirements with need to have access to a comprehensive solution that provides information to improve efficiency and plan for the future. With Oracle NetSuite, Operations Manager can gain real-time visibility with an integrated solution and keep track of their KPI’s.
NetSuite for the Operations Manager
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Benefits NetSuite offers Operations Manager’s

Support Representative

Support representatives need up-to-date information to resolve issues quickly. This is where NetSuite helps by increasing the speed of case resolutions to ensure customer satisfaction and lower service calls.
Benefits NetSuite offers Support Representatives
NetSuite for the Support Representative
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