Oracle NetSuite ERP

One ERP for your Entire Business

As organizations continue to realize the benefits of cloud computing, an increasing number are committed to moving their business software away from on-premises infrastructure – saving up to 21% in overall IT spending. Unless you have organizational visibility to mission-critical data on a single platform, responding and adapting at a rapid pace to risks and opportunities is a huge challenge for growing businesses. Add remote workforce requiring multi-level collaboration into the mix, and many businesses have found themselves juggling a near impossible situation.

This is where the importance of a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application like Oracle NetSuite becomes readily apparent.

Why Oracle NetSuite?

One Single Platform for all your business needs

Quick and easy deployment

Industry specific capabilities

Industry specific capabilities

360 degree visibility

360 degree visibility

Trusted and secure

Built to scale

Oracle NetSuite ERP Modules

NetSuite’s ERP platform has a wide range of modules to manage almost every aspect of your business. There are even additional, industry specific modules for NetSuite that can be attached to the base platform depending on your requirements. These additional modules allow businesses to tailor NetSuite’s ERP Solution to their unique needs by adding more functionality.


NetSuite ERP Solutions

Global Business Management Solution – NetSuite OneWorld

In addition the standard ERP application, NetSuite’s also offers a Global Cloud ERP solution called NetSuite OneWorld which is aimed at helping manage multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.

NetSuite OneWorld

Why NetSuite OneWorld?

NetSuite ERP’s Industry-Specific Capabilities

At Kompete, we can help you tailor your NetSuite ERP solution to meet the needs of any of the following industries:

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At Kompete Business Solutions, we have 16+ years of experience in helping our clients meet the requirements of their business by helping them leverage intelligent solutions. As a NetSuite Partner, we offer the following NetSuite services:


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